Each of Superior Employment Services Substitute Teachers is carefully screened, oriented, fingerprinted and Face-to-Face individually interviewed before joining the organization. This is critical in helping to identify an interviewee’s level of preparation, qualifications, communication and professionalism.

In addition, all of our candidates must take our training program that would prepare them to teach in the classroom since day one.

No Need to Change your Current Subbing Process

Find Subs When you Need Them

What Differentiate Superior Employment Services from its Competitors

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 This maximizes the opportunity for schools to receive the best candidates, even for those last minute or unfilled vacancies!

Cost Savings

Let Superior handle your hard to fill vacancies. Only pay for absences we fill...nothing else.

We understand the need to have quality Substitute teachers in the classroom while maintaining a strict budget. Our service is free to try, only pay for subs we placed in your school.

No matter what the size of your district or school nor the number of Substitutes your school may need, Superior is always willing to help.

Find the right Sub when you need one.

Whether you are looking for, qualified teachers, administrators, clerical support, or food service workers, you can count on us in finding your sub in minutes!

Superior will develop custom solutions to fit each school’s needs and improve their overall Daily Fill Rate, 

Face-To-Face Interview

  • Live dispatchers that continue to make calls to secure subs when most other systems shut down. 
  • Our dispatch team are available 24/7
  • No sub request cut off times

Our service acts as a supplement, we're your trusted backup plan to help tackle hard to fill vacancies.

Unlike other Substitute Teacher agencies in Michigan, Superior Employment Services has:

From screening and hiring to scheduling and retention, Superior Employment Services takes charge of the entire Substitute Teacher process. 

​We use our knowledge, expertise and best practices to connect qualified and reliable employees with schools in Michigan. We are proud to be able to keep over 99% daily fill rate with our outstanding professional and reliable substitutes teachers. SES handle all of the administrative work, Insurances, Dispatching, paperwork, Record Keeping, State Audit, Payroll, Taxes and Liabilities and help schools focus on what matters most educating students.