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Summer School Program: Teachers, Coaches and Tutors


Looking to staff your School Summer Program or Camp?

We provide high quality staff experienced in teaching in schools for Summer Programs.  You can call us to speak to our placement directors who will personally search for your needs and send candidates profiles to you.

Our candidates include:

Summer School Program Specialists - Qualified and experienced to teach and run program areas

Support Staff - Candidates experienced in administration and teaching

Special Needs Counselors

Let us help staff your Summer program and camp today!

Our highly qualified staff are trained to:

  • Teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for your students and school  

  • Contribute to the design of a rigorous curriculum that meets the program’s as well as state standards

  • Plan, prepare, and implement lesson plans that utilize a variety of instructional strategies and differentiate teaching based on the diverse and individual needs of all students

  • Implement classroom management techniques to create a nurturing, safe, and structured environment

  • Maintain high expectations for students’ academic achievement and conduct

  • Develop and administer a variety of assessments to measure students’ growth towards content standard goals

  • Analyze informal and formal student assessment results and use information to drive and inform instruction

  • Build positive and trusting relationships with students, families, and community members

  • Communicate and collaborate professionally with teammates

  • Perform other duties as assigned