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Hiring Process and Employment Requirements for Substitute Teachers in Michigan Schools:


Superior Employment Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer


It is the policy of SES to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy or any protected characteristic.  Applicants and employees shall not be subject to sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, or any other unlawful form of harassment or discrimination.

SES has established several requirements and procedures that must be met by candidates in order to be a substitute teacher with SES. If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher please read the requirements and Apply Now.  When applying for the substitute teacher position, you will also be considered for the substitute assistant and do not need to apply separately for those positions.

​We work in conjunction with Michigan Department of Education to ensure that the professional staff we hire meet all of the requirements necessary for teaching and working in Michigan Charter Academies

You need to provide SES with the following information and documentation to activate your employment as an employee of our service:

  • Complete the Substitute Teacher or Certified Teacher application and submit an online resume
  • Complete the online new hire paperwork
  • An interview with SES will be required
  • Recommendations from previous employers and a signed release for any disclosure of any improper conduct from former employers 
  • Proper forms of identification as stated on the I9 Form page 9
  • Current negative TB test if applicable
  • Appropriate SES training for job description
  • Appropriate documentation for position you will be temporarily filling
  • Background checks and Livescan fingerprinting, a copy of a clear criminal history results should be sent to the assigned district directly from the State of Michigan.
  • Supply proper copies of identification as outlined by the Employee Eligibility Form.
  • Submit a Teaching Certificate or the official college transcripts toward a bachelor degree (No copies).

Applicants must meet those requirements to be considered for a Substitute Teacher Position

​Note: You must bring and complete everything listed on the SES Hiring process page to be considered for employment! 

Submitting a completed application does not guarantee or ensure an offer of employment with SES or any of its clients districts or affiliates.

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