Charter Schools

We specialize in teachers recruitment and substitute teacher placement. We recruit, screen, employ, schedule and manage substitute teachers, paraprofessionals in grades
Superior Employment Services is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and finding quality teachers and substitute teachers to ensure the educational needs of students are being met. We use our knowledge, expertise and best practices to connect qualified and reliable substitute teachers with charter schools. We are proud to be able to keep over 98% daily fill rate with our outstanding professional and reliable  substitute teachers.  

charter school differ from traditional schools, therefore, we focus on recruiting individuals who are passionate about education and ensure accountability through our frequent feedback requests and quality assurance monitoring systems.

What is the difference between charter schools and other public schools?

Charter schools are public schools of choice, meaning that families choose them for their children. They operate with freedom from some of the regulations that are imposed upon district schools. Charter schools are accountable for academic results and for upholding the promises made in their charters. They must demonstrate performance in the areas of academic achievement, financial management, and organizational stability. If a charter school does not meet performance goals, it may be closed.