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All of our professionals pass a rigorous certification process with a thorough background check, credential verification, and an in-depth interview before they are hired to be part of our team.

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Superior Employment Services is dedicated to provide qualified and well trained substitute teachers to charter schools. In addition, SES wanted to provide a way for new educators to experience charter schools through substitute teaching, and, this in turn led to charter school administrators having the opportunity to see potential new hires in action.


We specialized in hiring and providing Certified Teachers and Qualified         Substitute Teachers for Charter Schools in Michigan. 


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Substitute Teacher Requirements

​​Our Services

We provide superior services to our candidates and clients. We specialized in Staffing, Training, Placement, Recruiting, Screening, and Negotiating. 

​​​​​​​Superior Employment Services believes that supplying excellent temporary, professional personnel to educational institutions will provide a consistency in the continued program of growth in school settings. 


    Our Mission

Charter Schools

Welcome to Superior Employment Services. We are glad that you choose us. We specialize in meeting 
the unique needs of charter schools and instilling in our staff the same level of high expectations charter schools expect from their own.
 We provide dedicated professionals with real educational employment opportunities. We specialize in Teachers Recruitment and Substitute Teacher Placement. We recruit, screen, employ, schedule and manage substitute teachers, paraprofessionals in grades

PreK–12. We understand how

charter school differ from traditional schools, therefore, we focus on recruiting individuals who are passionate about education and ensure accountability through our frequent feedback requests and quality assurance monitoring systems.
All of this is offered at competitive, value-added rates.


​​Certified Teachers 
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With over 200 districts looking to hire in Michigan, finding your dream job through Superior Employment Services has never been easier! Superior Employment Services is always free to job seekers, even if you get hired 

Substitute Teachers

Thank you for your interest in Becoming a Substitute Teacher for charter schools in Michigan. We are glad you choose us as your pathway to your career in Education.

As an employee of our service your job of temporarily replacing school employees could not be more important to the continued well being of the students and the educational system. We sincerely hope that your employment here will be a positive and rewarding experience. We look forward to serve you.

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