We understand that the growing substitute teacher shortage is affecting many schools in Michigan. 

If you are a school scrambling to find qualified substitute teachers for your classrooms or need more personalized support, Superior Employment Services can help. Find the right Subs the minute you need them. No need to switch your existing technology or subbing process. Let Superior handles your morning's hard-to-fill absences....We are your trusted back up plan. 



Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher for Public, Charter and private schools in Michigan. We are glad you choose us as your pathway to your career in Education.​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We specialize in placing Substitute Teachers in daily, long term and permanent K-12 school district positions.



Substitute teaching with Superior Employment Services offers many different benefits and makes for a rewarding career change for anyone who enjoys teaching or working with students. Superior Employment Services works with local school districts in Michigan to provide them with substitute teachers and support staff.​​


As an employee of our service, your job of temporarily replacing school employees could not be more important to the continued well being of the students and the educational system; Superior offers flexible scheduling and many benefits to our Substitute teachers and work closely with school districts to match substitutes to positions. You have the freedom to pick and choose your hours and you’ll be making a difference in student lives while achieving an ideal work and life balance.


​​​Supplying Exemplary Support

Substitute Teacher Position in Michigan

Superior Believes in Face-to-Face Interviews

We are dedicated to provide high-quality and well trained subs to school districts in Michigan.​​

​Each candidate goes through a Face-to-Face interview in our Troy office. We do this to best understand each individual and personally evaluate the interviewees credentials, which is critical to determining their drive, motivation and overall ability to succeed.

Substitute Teacher in Michigan

Get Started - Find Substitute Teaching Positions in Michigan

Superior Employment Services specializes in hiring Certified Teachers and providing

highly qualified Substitute Teachers for Public School Districts, Charter and Private Schools in Michigan. 


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Improve Fill Rates/

Instant Cost Savings

Find Subs for Hard-To-Fill- Vacancies

Superior Employment Services is a Substitute Teacher Company in Michigan that provides Substitute Teacher Staffing Services for Public School Districts, Charter, and Private schools. 

We specialize in substitute teacher placement services that meet the unique need of Public and Charter schools, and instilling in our staff the same level of high expectations school districts expect from their own.

If you are an educator, who is interested in gaining experience, getting your “foot in the door” or just subbing at various schools, Superior can help.

SES provides qualified and dedicated professionals like you with real educational employment opportunities. Our services is always free to job seekers, even if you get hired!

Schools partners with Superior Employment Services see a significant increase in Substitute Teacher daily fill rates while staying within tight budget constraints and minimizing costs.

We employ substitutes and remove burden of taxes and liabilities for schools. We handle payroll management and all of our substitute teachers are fully covered through our own workers's Compensation, unemployment, Liability and Professional Insurance. From screening and hiring to scheduling and retention, Superior Employment Services takes charge of the entire Substitute Teacher process. 

Unlike other Substitute Teachers agencies, i​nstead of relying 100% on technology to do our placing, Superior Employment Services uses live dispatchers with first hand knowledge of what our substitutes are really like. This gives us an advantage to maximize coverage potential and to ensure that our schools and districts get the best possible candidate.

Tackle the Substitute Teacher Shortage! 

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Join our growing network; Help us serve your local schools. Submit an online Application for an open substitute teacher position in Michigan, and we will help you accomplish your goal.

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With over 200 districts looking to hire certified teachers in Michigan, finding your dream teaching job through Superior Employment Services has never been easier!